compassion + fatigue

Last spring, when this kooky pandemic landed, a local nonprofit asked me to host a webinar about the impact of work-life balance when work and home collide. The timing was perfect! And I soon developed a rabid curiosity about the compassion fatigue that is experienced by so many nonprofit leaders. I did an interview with the Nonprofit Architect, Travis Johnson himself about this very topic. Listen here and LMK what you think!

keep + calm

This just in from Thrive Global: Keeping up with Nonprofit Leadership means minding your self-care. Have you put *you on your calendar?

burn + out

Having spent the better part of two decades as a nonprofit leader, I’ve seen my fair share of nonprofit executive burnout. But wait! What’s that you say, burnout in the compassion profession? You bet. Many nonprofit leaders, myself included, went into the “passion and people over profit” profession because we are compassionate, heart-driven do-gooders. We fight the good fight, we elevate our communities with a commitment to creating a world-changing partnership between the private and public sectors. And sometimes this devotion comes at a high price. No leader works harder for fewer… Read More