just: no

There‚Äôs a lot of noise out there. Phone calls. Emails. Texts. Social Media, friends, strangers, clients, would-be-clients, former clients, frenemies, all needing just a little piece of you. Maybe a medium piece, maybe the whole enchilada. How do you prioritize the time you spend filtering the noise from what really matters? My totally favorite filtration method of choice relies on using one very small word as often as possible. If we were raised by good, God-fearing people, we were raised to be nice. Be kind. Be responsive, congenial, generous, reciprocal. But all… Read More

self + esteem

What if what makes you different isn’t a weakness. What if what makes you different is your secret super power? cynthia gregory coaching + consulting

values + action

When resentment rears it’s head…it’s often because your values are being stepped on. Come on! If you don’t live your values, who will? You officially have permission to lead with what matters most.

work + life + balance

Take 5 simple steps to upgrade your work-life balance.