self + confidence

One of my amazing clients asked me for a “confidence cheat sheet” the other day. How brilliant is that? We’ve all heard the old chestnut: “fake it till you make it.” But faking it only goes so far. Besides: who wants to build confidence from a bogus foundation? A far more powerful way to build confidence is to speak the truth about what makes you so remarkable in the first place. Truth will not only reinforce your self-image, it will also emphasize how you’re already kind of killing it…and only getting better…. Read More

values + action

When resentment rears it’s head…it’s often because your values are being stepped on. Come on! If you don’t live your values, who will? You officially have permission to lead with what matters most.

courage + confidence

“With courage-based confidence riding shotgun, we can choose a life of meaning, practice gratitude in the face of difficulty and move forward with hope, even when others would totally understand if we sat this one out.” read more here #courage#confidence#leadershipcoaching