Jumpstart 2021

Despite all its flaws, 2020 has brought a few gifts to the lives of many. How do you want to look back on these strange months. . .as productive and creative and juicy. . .or a lost cause? How do you want to springboard into 2021, based on what you’ve learned so far? Join me for a six week intensive Leadership Mastermind Circle with a group of hand selected badass business leaders and entrepreneurs. email coachcynthia.gregory@gmail.com for details.

leadership mastermind

It’s lonely at the top. What could you do if you belonged to a tribe of fierce leaders who would support, challenge, and celebrate you in a confidential setting? We will gather monthly to serve as accountability and celebration partners, standing steady together as inspirational activists in the world’s best profession. Space is limited, membership applications available at coachcynthia.gregory@gmail.com

self + esteem

values + action

When resentment rears it’s head…it’s often because your values are being stepped on. Come on! If you don’t live your values, who will? You officially have permission to lead with what matters most.