nonprofit strategy

leadership coaching

If you are a nonprofit executive, you know that it can be very lonely at the top. As an executive life coach and former nonprofit executive with more than 20 years of leadership experience, I can help you develop a smart strategic plan for your organization, steward your staff to achieve their best performance, make more powerful decisions, and connect to the resources your organization needs.

one-to-one coaching

As a nonprofit leadership coach, I can help you pinpoint where your organization needs to develop and make a plan to address those needs. Then, I will hold you accountable for the changes you need to put in place, so your organization can be as successful as possible.

board and staff off-sites + retreats

Getting together with your board and/or staff in a relaxed environment is a powerful way to strategize how you will bring your strategic plan to fruition. I will help you develop realistic goals for the meeting, craft the right agenda, and then facilitate the discussion. You will accomplish your goals, while being an active participant. Your staff and board will leave with a deeper understanding of your organization’s objectives and their individual role in the process.

MasterMind for Nonprofit Leaders

Have you considered how empowering it would be to meet regularly with a small group of other nonprofit executives to learn from everyone’s common experiences? I lead MasterMind groups that enable participants to both share their challenges and celebrate their successes in a safe and confidential environment. Please contact me to find out about the formation of future groups.

let’s DO this!

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