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Many mid-career executives and small business owners struggle with the right work life balance. They find themselves spending more and more time working at their job or keeping their business running, while getting less enjoyment out of life. They have a list of goals they hope to achieve someday, but they aren’t sure when or how they will reach them.

if this is you, let’s hit reset!

As a business and life coach, I will help you honestly assess your life, physically, spiritually and financially. What are your true goals? Where are you spending your time? What do you wish you had more of? What do you wish you did less?

My executive life coaching is designed to shift your perspective. We will look at options and opportunities to expand your professional and individual growth. We will explore how you can get more of what you want, not only from your professional career, but also from your personal life. I will challenge your beliefs — helping you discover what may be holding you back, so you can go beyond your perceived limitations. I will hold you accountable for making the changes that will enable you to feel happier and more fulfilled. 

My goal is that you achieve a higher level of satisfaction with every aspect of your life!

let’s DO this

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