writing from the heart

Here’s a radical idea: when you start to write a chapter for your book or a page in your journal, stop thinking. Don’t try to figure anything out. Just let go of your everyday mind and stop trying to tame the muse.  Instead, take a slow, deep breath, let it out, and focus your attention on your heart. According to research done at the HeartMath Institute, “Coherence is the state of heart, mind, and energetic alignment and cooperation.”  Coherence is associated with sustained positive emotion and a high degree of emotional and… Read More

compassion + fatigue

Last spring, when this kooky pandemic landed, a local nonprofit asked me to host a webinar about the impact of work-life balance when work and home collide. The timing was perfect! And I soon developed a rabid curiosity about the compassion fatigue that is experienced by so many nonprofit leaders. I did an interview with the Nonprofit Architect, Travis Johnson himself about this very topic. Listen here and LMK what you think!


Will this be the year you write that book?

journal me this

This just in: Journal Camp Workbook! Based on my virtual Journal Camp Series, this workbook captures prompts to inspire, challenge, and uplevel your writing practice. Get a free pdf of Journal Camp Workbook by writing me at coachcynthia.gregory@gmail.com with Journal Camp in the subject line. In return, you’ll get this powerful writing tool delivered straight to your inbox. Happy Journaling!