compassion + fatigue

Last spring, when this kooky pandemic landed, a local nonprofit asked me to host a webinar about the impact of work-life balance when work and home collide. The timing was perfect! And I soon developed a rabid curiosity about the compassion fatigue that is experienced by so many nonprofit leaders. I did an interview with the Nonprofit Architect, Travis Johnson himself about this very topic. Listen here and LMK what you think!

journaling: a meditation

Journaling is a genius way to focus on a single idea for a dedicated period of time or space. In this way, it is not so different from meditation. If you take your journaling seriously, as many high-performing leaders do, you’re focused on that activity to the exclusion of all else. If you treat journaling as a discipline, you will create structures and rituals around it. For instance, you will write in a certain place, at a certain time, about particular topics or goal-related concepts.  You will be accountable to the practice…. Read More

leadership mastermind

It’s lonely at the top. What could you do if you belonged to a tribe of fierce leaders who would support, challenge, and celebrate you in a confidential setting? We will gather monthly to serve as accountability and celebration partners, standing steady together as inspirational activists in the world’s best profession. Space is limited, membership applications available at


Will this be the year you write that book?