Cynthia Gregory, MFA

courage + confidence

“With courage-based confidence riding shotgun, we can choose a life of meaning, practice gratitude in the face of difficulty and move forward with hope, even when others would totally understand if we sat this one out.” read more here


leading hearts

No one works harder than #nonprofit leaders and no one deserves more support. After 20+ years in nonprofit leadership, I’ve changed my focus to coaching nonprofit leaders for increased impact and better balance. What’s your story? Do you need some help with that?

publish much?

There’s still time to finish that book in time for holiday gifts. Just sayin’.

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word porn

I can’t begin to tell you how much I adore this book. Elizabeth Gilbert’s love letter to literature is funny and wise and inspired and a cold shock of water in the face of every would be, actual, dreaming artist. So much of this book is resonant and sexy and beguilingly true about the creative process.

If you dream of writing that book of yours, this book should be required reading. Feed your dream, kick your butt, lick the boots of your muse and get busy with the business of your art.