I’ve always had a wild imagination. This may have come about when as a child, I wandered the forests of Washington State exploring, building forts inside blackberry brambles, and foraging for sweet-tart huckleberries. I’ve always been comfortable creating. It’s a place to get lost and a place in which to be inspired.  When I started writing to express my thoughts, I wrote terrible poetry, full of dark teen angst. What I was trying to do was make sense of my world. Years later, I came to understand that this is how we’re all wired. As beautiful, flawed, amazing, creative, zesty humans, we tell stories to make the events of our lives mean something. As a coach, I’m drawn to stories. The stories we tell ourselves about the world, the stories we tell others in order to appear in charge (or not) of our lives. I’ve come to respect every version of every story I hear, even when the story isn’t true. The best part about stories is that they can change in the telling. A story is a living, breathing organism that can change and be changed. This is the core of my work: my service to the world is to help every client write his/her own happy ending.

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