sheltering notes

Shelter in Place Day 10: notes from the field, preview of Journal Camp 2020.
Prompt: temptation
If you had asked a month ago I wouldn’t have recognized that person. What dances outside my reach is coffee with my pals squeezed between meetings, lunch at Toast, riding elevators, a trip to the Rack, visiting with a neighbor so close we can exchange oven-warm oatmeal cookies, church, the dog park (Dog is my co-pilot), casual conversation about nothingness and madness, leisurely stalking the aisles of Sonoma Market, stopping at a winery to taste just because, farmers market, office gossip at the water cooler, doggie day care drops offs, playing Scrabble, Tuesdays at Mantra, Sunday morning yoga, reading the newspaper at Peets, airplanes, airplanes, airplanes.

If Journaling is your jam, click here to join us at: Journal Camp 2020. It’s the most fun you can have writing from the sofa! You’re welcome.

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