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my gift to you: a Journaling Guidebook

My ultra-simple journaling method is designed to help you experience the joy of entering into a conversation with your soul. My deepest wish for you is that you are able to use this method to work through difficult emotions and circumstances, easily step into a deep source of creative wisdom, and expand your capacity to tap into your innate genius.

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Anthologies are a great way to break into print… or simply add your voice to a body of published work and present fresh work to a new audience. Did you experience a loss, a win, and unexpected miracle? Submit your story to the LOVE NOTES From the SOUL ANTHOLOGY: Stories of Transformation and Hope.

let your creative genius out to play

Welcome to an artful new way to journal! My 30-day journaling challenge contains consciously creative and curiosity-based exercises designed to support and inspire visionary writers like you to let go and trust creative spirit, listen to inner wisdom and activate creative flow, and banish writer’s block for good.

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Writing a book is possibly one of the most effective ways to promote your business. If it’s true that all marketing is about telling a story; what better way to represent your success than by sharing your story. . .in a book? There are many ways to leverage the publication of your book, including launch parties, current and future client gifts, and speaking engagements. Authors are in demand for all manner of speaking opportunities. . .which in turn amplifies the story of your of your hard-won success through a custom-made manuscript. Email me at cynthia@coachcynthiagregory.com to get started.

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